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Our approach seamlessly blends creativity, problem-solving, and precision to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our metal fabrication and engineering projects.

BoerBoel | Sheet Metal Services

We offer an extensive array of services accessible to all our clients, including Laser cutting, Plasma cutting, CNC bending, CNC Punching, Powdercoat, Welding Fabrication, Enclosures, and more.

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About BoerBoel | Sheet Metal Fabrication

All products are manufactured with A Grade material, ensuring quality and strength throughout. With exact precision - BoerBoel products are made from starting drawings in AutoCAD 2D or 3D and then produced on CNC machinery such as Trumpf punch machines, CNC Trumpf Bending Brakes and Laser Cutters, guaranteeing structural precision and consistency throughout our Entire range.


BoerBoel are proud Contributors to BEE Level 2


BoerBoel are ISO Certified (9001:2015)

Environmental Policy

A clear expression of the organization's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Quality Policy

A clear expression of the organization's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Our History

BoerBoel | Sheet Metal Fabrication was registered in 1983 and has grown significantly over the years. We care about and invest in the long term well-being of our employees and customers and still have some valuable employees working at Boerboel since 1983. With innovative design and manufacture of steel products, BoerBoel is a strong leader in this field. Committed to service, quality and efficiency, BoerBoel operates as a professional unit that strives to exceed your expectations.

BoerBoel | Sheet Metal Fabrication
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We are here to realise your engineering needs. We guarantee structural precision, quality and consistency.

BoerBoel manufactures products that range from IP-Rated electrical enclosures to steel structures and will gladly assist with design and application.

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Environmental, social and corporate sustainability

At Boerboel, we care about the environment, people, and doing business right. But we're also committed to being green. We use technology that's good for the planet, and we work hard to reduce waste. We're not just about metal – we're about people too. Our company is all about treating everyone fairly. We believe in diversity and making sure our workplace is a positive and inclusive space. Being a good company means being responsible. We are open and honest in how we do things. Our goal is to make a positive impact on our employees, customers, suppliers, and the places where we operate.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us – it's how we do business, creating value for everyone, today and in the future.

BoerBoel | Sheet Metal Fabrication
Latest news
  • New CNC Milling machine

    Boerboel has brought its CNC machining capabilities up to the latest technology by acquiring the latest DN Solutions 4 axis milling machine with full 4 axis rotating bed. Using this machine, we can machine high precision components extremely efficiently and cost effectively by reducing set up time due to the ability to machine 3 different surfaces in one set up in stead of three individual setups The machine also has 12000RPM spindle and 1.6 second tool changes – making for extremely fast efficient machining.

  • New CNC Lathe

    Boerboel has invested heavily in new equipment to ensure that we keep up with the latest capabilities in CNC machining. To that end, we have purchased the latest Hyundai Wia 2200 LSY lathe with 5 axis including Y axis, twin spindle, driven tooling and milling capabilities.

  • New Tube Bender

    Boerboel now has the ability to do in-house CNC mandrel tube bending of tubing sizes up to 63mm diameter.

  • CNC Bending machine

    Boerboel has acquired the latest in CNC sheet bending technology from Trumpf to achieve the highest bending accuracy and also faster part production. Hydraulic tool clamping and the ability to send 3D step files directly to the machine as well as intelligent machine operation makes machine set up faster and more efficient. Automatic tensioning of the machine body with built in ball screws to prevent plates that under-bend in the middle due to flexing of the machine frame itself add to the quality and high tolerance achievable on our machines.

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